Frida Hyvönen
First shoot in new studio: Frida Hyvönen

for Expressen
Ann Petrén & Torkel Pettersson: for Expressen

Wolfgang Müller for Indie Magazine 

Worked for Airbnb last week 

for Opening Ceremomy
Portraits of designer duo Haw-lin: for Opening Ceremomy

I shot Maximo Park
The New issue of Indie Is out,: I shot Maximo Park

Shot interior for FENDI 

Got the cover of ME Style 

Press pictures for Frank Müller 

Dj Fetsich for ME Style 

Shooting portraits for ARTE 

Shoot Tyson for ME Style 

Shoot filmset today "About Blank" 

for ME Style
Shoot Jesse Huges eating chocolate: for ME Style

Shoot Purified Ring last week 

Feature in Defeated Magazine 

Maximo Park for Indie Magazine 

New issue of Icon Magazine out 

Shoot Matthias Scheuerer ZSK 

Triangle skateramp in wedding 

Shoot Soundcloud for ICON Magazine 

Perfume Genius for Indie Magazine  

New Project, shooting at home. 

Feature in Der Greif Magazine 

Azari and III for Indie Magazine 

Shoot for Big Image Magazine 

Nella Beljan for Freulein Magazine 

First test at Urbanstraße 182 

New project in progress 

My new Diary, follow my work